Backyard Discussions

Click the image on the left or here: Gutsy Backyard Discussions. Then click "ASK TO JOIN GROUP" to join a forum for education professionals in Guyana working with We are GUTSY, Inc.! This is a great way to collaborate by learning from the group on current character education and social and emotional learning (SEL) topics, sharing lessons and ideas, catching up on training sessions, as well as asking questions to receive support. Whatever your level of experience with character education and SEL, this community will offer a supportive place to grow.

Gutsy Backyard Discussions - Forum Guidelines

We ask that the members of our group follow these basic guidelines while interacting in the forum:

  1. Posts must remain respectful of all members. As the saying goes, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. : )

  1. Discussion, posts, questions, announcements, and suggested resources and materials are encouraged! Let’s keep this a positive place where everyone feels welcome to share.

  1. Sharing product or service information related to the SEL and character education fields for a company you work for or an upcoming event is welcome. We ask that if you are in a sales capacity that you do not post more than once weekly for your service/product. This is meant to be a space for learning and sharing, and the primary focus is not on selling.

  1. Please do not make posts that refer to politics, or other topics designed to stir controversy. There’s a lot going on in the world, but we’re going to keep this discussion space just for learning and serving all of our students in our Gutsy Backyard.

  1. Members who are in violation will receive warning by email, and if the issue continues they may be temporarily blocked, or permanently removed for the benefit of the group environment.

Thanks so much, and we look forward to collaborating with you in the Gutsy Backyard!

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