GUTSY Backyard

Welcome to the GUTSY Backyard!

This is an online social learning community designed to support the Guyanese educators working with We are GUTSY, Inc as the central platform in servicing their students' social and emotional needs through character education. In the "Backyard," educators have a place where they can feel free to interact with one another, as well as our GUTSY Trainers, in sharing their successes, challenges, offering solutions, developing creative ideas to integrate into their professional practice. Here they will have access to a variety of supports built into the website that will be constantly growing.

This community of practice incorporates the shared learning of individuals united by a common passion who engage with one another to experience educational growth as a collective experience. These learning communities have existed since the beginning of time as tribes of people learning to grow and thrive, masters and apprentices in their profession, classes of students defining their identity within their school, artists seeking to develop new forms of expression, surgeons exploring and developing new techniques-- the list is endless (Wenger-Trayner, 2015). By using this model we can blend the concept of communal learning, with modern technology to deliver our form of support to meet the growing 21st century needs of educators to an online social learning community. This can enhance the convenience of support that educators receive, by addressing professional learning on their differentiated andragogical needs, and contouring every programmatic aspect to maintain cultural relevance to the already established excellent educational practices of Guyana.

Proud Member of the Character Counts Coalition

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